Dr Verna Price

Girls in Action™ (GIA) founded in 2005 by Dr. Verna Cornelia Price to address the rise in violent, destructive, and deliquent behavior being exhibited by the female students at North High School located in Minneapolis.

Dear Friends,

"When I was asked in 2005 by North High School to "help" the girls, it never occurred to me that my saying "yes I will" would result in reaching over 2300 girls across the Twin Cities Metro Areas, Detroit, Chicago and as far away as Guatemala! I simply wanted to "help" our girls at North. I wanted to provide them with the role models, mentors, experiences, and knowledge needed to find this power and change their lives. I knew that when girls realized they could do something about their circumstances and conditions that they would."
- Verna Cornelia Price, PhD
Founder and President

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